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Read what our customers have to say about us!


    " I love SunKiss Tan because of the cleanliness and the wonderful beds!"  .....Jamie

    " I love this tanning salon and the people that work here.  I would not tan anywhere else." .....Susan

    " I can't imagine going anywhere else to tan, the beds are outstanding and the people who work here are wonderful".....Tamara

    " The staff is amazing. You feel super welcome here.  The beds are awesome."......Anna

    " The staff is exceptional at what they do.  The lounge area is comfy and the spray tan is phenomenal..... Mary

    " Very clean facility with exceptional beds.  Staff has great knowledge of products."....Chris

    " I have been coming to SunKiss Tan since 2 weeks after they opened.  The atmosphere, facility and especially the staff     are far superior of any tanning salon that I have visited in the past.  The Christian music is so uplifting.  The beds are always clean and the bulbs are changed on a regular basis.  The owners have become good friends and the staff are like family.  No matter how bad my day may have been, after visiting SunKiss Tan, I feel totally revived." .........David

    "Spray Tan is awesome!  I love how dark I get.  Nikki keeps me coming back."......Nessa

    "If you wanted the best, you have found it at SunKiss Tan!"......Lisa

    " Best place I have ever been. Amazing beds, best women alive, I love them! "......Tammy

    " Amazing customer service. Absolutely great staff. They make you feel welcome. Best beds and products.".....Shea

    " Best in town.  I love these wonderful girls. Customer service is an A+ ".......Ginger

    " Great beds and excellent customer service.  Simply the best! "........Angela

    " The beds are great.....the staff and the owners are just as great. ".......Tara

    " Awesome beds and amazing people.  I love it!!"......Kayla

    " Best beds I have ever used.  Great prices and great service".....Jessie

    " My first year here. Very glad that I made the switch.  Great pleasant experience.  The staff and is wonderful.  I am  very   glad that I came aboard. "......Angela

    " I have tanned here for 3 years and love everything and everyone!  I brag on the service, products and staff to everyone!"..... Lori

    " My tan is amazing all year long..".....Terri

    " I am asked all the time where I tan.  I always say "Go to SunKiss Tan", Nikki, Tay-Tay an Lindsay will never steer you wrong on your way to bronzed glory.".....Michelle

    " SunKiss Tan helped me look beautiful for my wedding day!  Thank you Nikki, Lindsay and Talor for great advise and wonderful conversations!".....Caitlin

    " I just love the staff and the tanning beds." .....Kim

    " I love the spray tan."........ Trish

    " Awesome customer service.  Very friendly and professional." ...... Amanda

    " Very clean!  The staff is super sweet."............... Kaylie


   Now that you have just heard from a few of our customers.  Come on in and discover for yourself what everyone is saying about SunKiss Tan!  We look forward to seeing you soon. 









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