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*Limited Time*


Anti-Aging Rejuvenessence Bed is now included in the Premier UV Tanning Level 3 pricing.  Looking younger has never been so affordable!

Spray and look younger!  We now have a package that includes our Versa Spa Spray Tan and our Rejuvenessence Anti Aging Bed!  Call us for details.

Buy 2 get 1 Free Versa Spa Spray Tans for $64.95 

Students receive 10% off of any regularly priced monthly package.

*Our Level 2 Bronzing Bed Student Package Special*: $54.95! (Must have proof of enrollment.)

All Premier Tanning Members receive 20% off any bottled lotion.

Level 1 Turbo Bed: 3 Visits for $20.00 or 5 visits for $35.00

Level 2 Bronzing Bed: 3 visits for $27.00, 5 visits for $45.00 or 10 visits for $90.00

Level 3 Extreme Bronzing or Stand Up Beds: 3 visits for $37.00, 5 visits for $60.00 or 10 visits for $115.00

Level 4 High Pressure Bed: 3 visits for $55.00 or 5 Visits for $90.00


**All tanning packages are subject to 10% tan tax and the visits included in the **Specials** above do not expire.**


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