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SunKiss Tan is pleased to offer several different pricing plans to fit your individual needs.  Prices listed below for UV tanning sessions or packages do not include tax.


Premier Tanning Membership         (Unlimited Monthly Tanning)

**Premier Unlimited Tanning**  

Membership package includes…  

       * Discount monthly tanning at a permanent rate.  

       * 40% off Lotion Coupon on our top tier lotions.  

        * 20% discount on all lotions, all the time.  

       * Free protective eyewear.  

       * Free buddy passes upon request.

*Anti-aging Rejuvenessence Bed available for level 3 and level 4 Premier Packages at no additional Charge!       


Level 1 Turbo Bed Student Special ( ID Required)        $19.95 per month

Level 1 Turbo                                                           $24.95 per month

Level 2 Bronzing Bed                                              $39.95 per month

Level 3 Extreme Bronzing Bed                               $64.95 per month Includes Rejuvenessence Bed

Level 4 High Pressure Bed                                      $119.95 per month Includes Rejuvenessence Bed   

*Versa Spa Spray                                                     $69.95 per month

*Versa Spa Spray and Bronze Tanning Bed          $84.95 per month

*Versa Spa Spray and Level 3 Extreme Beds        $109.95 per month

*Versa Spa Spray and Rejuvenessence Bed           $89.95 per month

*Versa Spa Spray Lev3 & Rejuvenessence Bed    $114.95 per month

* Announcing Our Triple Play  Premier Package *

Lev 3 Spray, Rejuvenessence Bed & Lev 3 Tan    $119.95 per month

Lev 2 Spray, Rejuvenessence Bed & Lev 2 Tan    $99.95 per month

Rejuvenessence Bed                                                  $39.95 per month

*(Versa Spa Spray Packages include 8 spray visits per month)

*(Rejuvenessence Packages include 12 visits per month)

The Premier Tanning Membership is debited the 1st of each month from your checking account (debit card) or credit card.  This program is great for the year round tanner and offers the best pricing. We have unlimited plans available for all of our UV Tanning Beds.  The package for our  UV Free Versa Spa unit includes up to 8 visits per month.  There is a one time membership fee of $49.95 as long as you keep your account open and current.  You may freeze your account up to 3 months 1 time during the calendar year and pay only a $5.95 freeze fee for the time your account is frozen.  Once the freeze period is over, your account will draft as usual and move to the active status.  You may cancel your membership with a one month written notice. You may also change your package to different levels with a one month written notice. Packages can not be shared.

Monthly Packages      (Unlimited Tanning)

Level 1 Turbo Bed                                               $44.95

Level 2 Bronzing Bed                                           $64.95

Level 3 Extreme Bronzing Bed                           $89.95

Level 4 High Pressure Bed                                  $149.95

Versa Spa Spray                                                   $89.95

Versa Spa Spray with Bronze Bed                      $104.95

Versa Spa Spray and Level 3 Extreme Beds     $129.95

Versa Spa Spray with Rejuvenessence Bed       $109.95

Versa Spa Spray Lev3 & Rejuvenessence Bed  $134.95

*(Versa Spa Spray Packages include 8 spray visits per month)

*(Rejuvenessence Packages include 12 visits per month)


Rejuvenessence Bed                                   $59.95 per month. Limited introductory pricing!



Single Visits

Level 1 Turbo                                                $8.00

Level 2 Bronzing Bed                                    $10.00

Level 3 Extreme Bronzing Bed                    $14.00

Level 4 High Pressure Bed                           $20.00

Versa Spa Spray Booth W/Prep                  $29.95

Versa Spa Prep Spray                                   $5.00

Rejuvenessence Bed                                      $15.00 or 2 for $25.00




*Limited Time*

Anti-Aging Rejuvenessence Bed is now included in the Premier UV Tanning Level 3 pricing.  Looking younger has never been so affordable!

Spray and look younger!  We now have a package that includes our Versa Spa Spray Tan and our Rejuvenessence Anti Aging Bed!  Call us for details.

Buy 2 get 1 Free Versa Spa Spray Tans for $64.95 

Students receive 10% off of any regularly priced monthly package.

*Our Level 2 Bronzing Bed Student Package Special*: $54.95! (Must have proof of enrollment.)

All Premier Tanning Members receive 20% off any bottled lotion.

Level 1 Turbo Bed: 3 Visits for $20.00 or 5 visits for $35.00

Level 2 Bronzing Bed: 3 visits for $27.00, 5 visits for $45.00 or 10 visits for $90.00

Level 3 Extreme Bronzing or Stand Up Beds: 3 visits for $37.00, 5 visits for $60.00 or 10 visits for $115.00

Level 4 High Pressure Bed: 3 visits for $55.00 or 5 Visits for $90.00


**All tanning packages are subject to 10% tan tax and the visits included in the **Specials** above do not expire.**


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